We are Wow Wallpaper Hanging, a family owned wallpaper hanging business. We are wallpaper installers in Brisbane and the Gold Coast.

We love the art of hanging wallpaper and believe it or not, it is an art.
We have seen a resurgence in the use of wallpaper and one reason is the availability of the beautiful wallpaper on offer today.
There is everything you can imagine, even wallpaper incorporating crystals, metallics and glitter. When it comes to wallcoverings we are spoilt for choices.

Wallpaper Installation Gold Coast
We hope to use this blog to showcase our work and talk about the many different varieties of wallpaper available and how to use them.
Interior decorating is a very individual thing, what one person likes might not necessarily be the other persons taste and vice versa. We find that’s where wallpaper fills the gap.
Unlike paint, wallpaper creates very distinct and individual spaces. It’s very easy to create a particular theme, vibe or atmosphere just with the use of wallpaper.

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Another advantage wallpaper has is that it can be used on just one wall to great effect, so you don’t have to wallpaper every wall or every room. A feature wall is often all it takes.
Choosing the right wallpaper will add instant pizzazz to any area and is a very cost efficient way to add the “wow factor”.
We are also professional wallpaper hangers on the Gold Coast where we have seen a lot of modern and bright wallpapers being used as well as murals. We make people happy by hanging gorgeous wallpaper! People get very happy when they have something beautiful to admire in their homes and that’s where we come in. Our job is very satisfying.

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When it comes to hanging wallpaper you can never have enough patience. To hang wallpaper well takes years of instruction and practice. A good wallpaper hanger will take all the methods taught by all his mentors and teachers and incorporate them into his own style. No two wallpaper installation jobs are the same and no two wallpapers are the same. There are many varieties of wallpaper on the market today from the very expensive and exclusive collections right through to the everyday affordable designs. Some wallpapers require soaking the paper, some are paste the wall and others are overlap and trim. As professionals you get to know the walpapers and can determine how best to hang them by just feeling the paper. It is an art!

Wallpaper Gold Coast

Unfortunately not all painters and decorators are wallpaper hangers. With the comeback of wallpaper in recent times we have seen a lot of cowboys jumping on the band wagon and calling themselves wallpaper hangers. We have often been called to fix a mess.  We hope as time goes on and wallpaper picks up momentum that we see more professionals picking up their tools and hanging wallpaper the right way.

However wallpaper has been around for a very long time, going back centuries in fact. It has always been a thing of luxury and beauty. To find out more about the history of wallpaper please visit the Wallpaper History Society.

For any wallpaper installation in Brisbane or wallpaper installation on the gold Coast and surrounds, please don’t hesitate to contact us on 0417 709 779. You’ll talk to Henry who is only too happy to discuss your job and give advice as well as a free quote.

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