Grasscloth Wallpaper Installation Gold Coast

Grasscloth wallpaper installation is the new decorating trend taking the Gold Coast by storm. We have seen a huge increase in the use of this natural and stylish wallcovering.

Thanks to renovating shows such as The Block and others people have been introduced to wallpaper over the last few years. Most recently we have seen the use of grasscloth or grassweave wallpapers being used in high end properties to add a touch of luxury. These wallcoverings also add an natural element to your interior which is what people seem to be after.

Many people are happy to create neutral interiors but want to add texture to add interest and define areas.

It’s important to note that any natural sisal or grasscloth wallpaper will have visible joins once installed. Each drop of wallpaper will have different amounts of shading and colour variations being a natural man made product. If you’re after a seamless finish then grasscloth is not for you. However we find that most of our clients love the look of this product on thjeri walls and are happy with the raw natural finish.

We recently installed a very dark grasscloth consisting of black and tan coloured reeds. The end result was a black looking grasscloth finish which looked contemporary and stunning.
This particular black grasscloth was installed on the Gold Coast at Broadbeach Waters. It was just the thing to really make a statement in this stairwell and transform this stark blank space.

before wallpapering staircase wall


wallpaper installation Broadbeach Waters


Broadbeach Waters grassclothe wallpaper in staircase


Grasscloth wallpaper installation finished


Below we have another example of a darker coloured grasscloth hung in an entry on the Gold Coast. As you can see grasscloth wallpaper adds an instant “wow factor” and welcomes people into the home. paint just can’t do that. Wallpaper definitely delivers more bang for your buck.

Gold Coast grasscloth wallpaper installation

Here is a lighter shade of grassweave being used to wrap around a partition. Wrapping grasscloth is no easy feat and should only be done by a professional wallpaper hanger.

grasscloth wallpaper Gold Coast

Finally we’d like to add a red grasscloth to the mix to show you how stunning these natural wallcoverings look evn when not in their natural colours. Don’t forget these wallcoverings are also available in shades such as blue and green also.

red grasscloth installation Brisbane

For more ideas and inspiration please visit Houzz where they show numerous interiors using grasscloth wallcoverings to great effect.

As wallpaper hangers we cover a large area from Byron Bay right through to the Sunshine Coast. However most of our wallpaper installations are in Brisbane and the Gold Coast.
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Wallpaper Installation Brookfield – Brisbane

We recently installed wallpaper at Brookfield in Brisbane for our client Abbey had a vision for her bedroom that was finally realised with the installation of her black and white striped wallpaper.
She is an architectural student who also has a huge passion for interior decorating. Not only that but she loves recycling pieces of furniture and making her own lamps and photo frames. The mirror above her bed was an old find that was painted silver to fit in with her colour scheme. Being only 19 we think she has tremendous talent and will go a long way.

Black and white striped wallpaper always looks good and particularly suits contemporary styles. Here Abbey has used some classic pieces and blended them together with modern pieces to create a glamorous look. Below we show the before and after photos of the installation.

wallpaper installation Brookfield, Brisbane


hanging wallpaper Brookfield, Brisbane


installing black and white striped wallpaper at Brookfield, Brisbane


Brookfield, Brisbane wallpaper installation

And tada …………. the finished room complete with black and white striped wallpaper

Wallpaper installation - Brookfield

Abbey’s gorgeous bedroom can also be seen on our Google Plus page here Wallpaper Installation Brookfield, Brisbane

Black and white stripes are always popular due to the fact that they can look great in a classic setting or a very contemporary space.

Below we show Kim Kardashian’s home where she has used black and white stripes quite extensively. In fact her whole house has wallpaper in every room as shown in InStyle

The Piano Room

Kourtney Kardashian: “This was the dining room when we moved in and it evolved into a ‘whatever’ room. The piano was in my parent’s house since I was born and my mom gave it to me. The black and white chairs were also in my house as a child and I had them redone. The hot pink chaise was Khloe’s-she didn’t want it. I said to her, ‘I’m going to redo this and you’re going to regret it.’ And she does.”

Kourtney Kardashian's house using black and white stripes


The Living Room

Jeff Andrews:”A black and white color scheme anchors the room with touches of bright color that tie it all together. The black and white horizontal stripes on the wall make the room appear larger, while the multi-custom pendants I designed give it height. The coffee table was a fabulous vintage find of Kourtney’s, as were many of the accessories and art. Kourtney’s main priority was that the room feel whimsical and unique, with an Alice-In-Wonderland surrealism to it.”

Kourtney Kardashian's home using black and white stripes


Stripes will fit in with any space but choosing the right width is important for the size of the room. A larger room requires wider stripes. Thin stripes in a large room just creates a cluttered distracting look as the lines will tend to blend together. Wide stripes in a small room become overwhelming and lose their impact.
We’ve found a great article at Decoist showing sophisticated black and white stripes and how to use them.

There’s a lot to consider when choosing to go black and white. Lets start with the thickness of your stripes – should you go thick or thin? As a general rule of thumb, the thicker stripes will have a more modern look, and the thinner a more classic style. That doesn’t mean you can’t mix it up – after all, rules in design are meant for breaking.

black and white horizontal stripes


Vertical stripe


Last but not least here is an article showing many ways to work with stripes on walls. Wallpaper is so versatile and easy to use when wanting the “wow factor”. why not go for a striped wallpaper first. You can’t go wrong with stripes.

Narrow, vertical stripes in opposing light-and-dark colors are all these walls need to stand out. Pair them with some simple, solid furnishings and wood tones, and these stripes become the central artwork in the room

striped wallpaper

We love hanging wallpaper and especially love seeing how happy our clients are when they see the finished product.

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Wallpaper Trends For 2015

We know that wallpaper is here to stay! Wallpaper is making a big statement in the way we decorate our homes and businesses.

Today’s wallpapers are a work of art. They are made to the finest quality and have the most amazing designs. That’s why we believe wallpaper is here to stay.

It’s the easiest way to change the vibe of a room or add atmosphere. Paint just can’t do what wallpaper can do.

Below we have found some resources that talk about today’s wallpaper trends and what’s hot for 2015.


The latest trends in wallpaper and what to look for in 2014-2015 to create an on trend space.

Many of this season’s wallpaper designs are taking cues from past eras while adding new twists to create highly versatile and contemporary looks. Wallpapers with metallic sheens, floral and geometric prints, texture, and faux finishes are seen all over today and will help you create the trendy wallpaper appearance you desire for your home. The latest trends in wallpaper also feature wallpaper used in a number of unique applications such as on the ceiling or as accents on furniture to compliment full wall applications. Continue reading

wallpaper trends for 2015Photo Credit:


We have found photographic murals to be hugely popular. we expect this to only increase as more and more beautiful murals come onto the market.

Wallpaper is used worldwide to decorate interior walls (and sometimes furniture) in homes, shops, offices, and public spaces. The style, price, and appearance of different wallpapers will vary dramatically, and as a consequence different styles will be popular at different times.

Most shops will differentiate their wallpapers on ‘stripes’, ‘plain’, floral’, ‘polka’, ‘damask’, and ‘conversational’. Most distinctions will also be based on the base colour.

However, most modern wallpapers are not the classical ‘repeat design’. On the contrary, they are statement mural pieces. As a consequence, the hot trends for this coming 2015 season’s wallpaper design is around the following:

More and more modern homes are turning to realistic floral photo murals to inspire their living rooms, office spaces, and even bedrooms! Continue reading

Realistic floral muralPhoto Credit:


Top designer Scot Meacham Wood  made this design trend prediction for 2015 regarding wallpaper.

Wallpaper is still coming back strong – and I think the next year is going to provide even more options and expansions in the wallpaper market. Look for more bold patterns (and those aforementioned saturated colours) on walls (and ceilings and doors!) in the next year. This image from Steven Sclaroff is a perfect example – maybe not for everyone … but, an inventive and bold use of a classic botanical wallpaper applied to walls, doors, and casings!

banana leaf wallpaperPhoto Credit:

Some of the other design predictions for 2015 include glamour, bright colour, mixed metals, white and of course wallpaper

Wallpaper seems to come and go, but we are having a major love affair with it right now. It adds such dimension, warmth, and personality to a space— something you just can’t get from paint alone. From art-driven to knockout statement paper, these are our favorites. Not comfortable doing an entire room? Start with one wall or a jewel-box powder room.

ostrich wallpaperPhoto Credit:


There really is something to suit all tastes when it comes to wallpaper. Because it is so versatile we think wallpaper is amazing and is here to stay.
What do you think?

Wallpaper Installers Brisbane – Covering The Walls Of Brisbane

We have been covering the walls of Brisbane with beautiful wallpaper for years. We have over 30 years of experience when it comes to wallpaper installation in Brisbane and the Gold Coast.

We have seen Brisbanites embrace wallpaper! We have seen a big increase in homes and businesses throughout Brisbane and surrounds using wallpaper to great effect.

The average home owner can now give their home an injection of style by using wallpaper. The beauty of wallpaper is that it’s an affordable way to create big impact in a space.
Paint can’t deliver the same “wow factor” that wallpaper can. One feature wall is all that is needed in most cases to create a really visual appealing wall that will completely transform your room.

With so many beautiful wallpaper to choose from, there really is a style to suit all tastes. There are very modern vinyls that are neutral in colour but amazing in texture. Materials such a grass weaves and matting that is very in at the moment. We see a lot of commercial establishments using these wallcoverings as they are unlikely to date but at the same time add a whole new dimension to an area.

Below are two walls we wallpapered in Brisbane using a neutral textured paper. The first wall was where the tv would be and was just the thing to break up the room and draw the eye to a focal point. A lot of people are using wallpaper to highlight a tv alcove. The second wall was a dividing wall that was wallpapered in the same paper. Both walls looked amazing when finished and gave the home an instant modern vibe.

wallpaper installation Brisbane - tv wall

Brisbane wallpaper installation


Below is another example of a one colour modern textured wallpaper used in an entry. It highlights the wall perfectly and creates instant visual appeal, so much better than a stark white wall.
The wallpaper is from Arte International and is part of their Boracay Collection. It has amazing texture, it’s made from plants but looks like snakeskin. We include a closeup shot below to give you an idea.

Wallpaper Brisbane

Borocay Wallpaper - Arte

Having seen the wallpaper up close you can see how some wallpapers are effective because of their textures and not necessarily their patterns or designs.

Whilst many businesses across Brisbane choose commercial wallcoverings there are many that want something that will be alive with colour and pattern. Something that will entice their customers in and make them feel instantly relaxed and comfortable. many businesses such as salons, hairdressers, nail bars, boutiques and shops choose a wallpaper that will look on trend and be an accessory to the business. We’ve found damask wallpaper is great for that as shown below.

Brisbane wallpaper installation

Installing wallpaper in the bedroom is very popular. we are finding that some people aren’t quite adventurous enough to wallpaper a wall in the living areas yet are quite willing to experiment with wallpaper in the bedroom. However after they fall in love with their bedroom and realise how just one feature wall can transform the whole room they are willing to wallpaper the living room.
There really is no easier way to add the “wow factor” to a space. Even great art work doesn’t have the same impact as wallpaper, if you choose right.

Bedroom wallpaper installation Brisbane

Below is a different contrast to the bedroom above. Where one is sophisticated and moody, the wallpaper below is soft, feminine and romantic. A perfect example of how wallpaper can be so many things in one area.

wallpaper Brisbane - Isabelle design

Another way to add interest to a space is to use wallpaper to highlight an unusual area such as an alcove or partition. Below we used a Cole and Sons wallpaper called Woods to wallpaper a feature wall that extends up to a skylight. It looked very effective and really made the whole area.

Brisbane wallpaper installers - Cole & Sons wallpaper

Cole & Sons wallpaper - Woods

The bedroom partition below looks amazing. Wallpapering the divider in a stunning Harlequin wallpaper has made all the difference and created a feature that has transformed this room.

Brisbane wallpaper job - bedroom partition

Another very popular trend in wallpaper today is the use of faux finish wallcoverings such as brick wallpaper, wood wallpaper and concrete look wallpaper.
Below is an example of a brick wallpaper we installed to an area underneath stairs in a Brisbane highset home.

Brisbane Wallpaper job - Albany Wallpaper - Collage Collection

White Brick Wallpaper

white brick wallpaper installation Brisbane


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