Wallpaper Trends For 2015

We know that wallpaper is here to stay! Wallpaper is making a big statement in the way we decorate our homes and businesses.

Today’s wallpapers are a work of art. They are made to the finest quality and have the most amazing designs. That’s why we believe wallpaper is here to stay.

It’s the easiest way to change the vibe of a room or add atmosphere. Paint just can’t do what wallpaper can do.

Below we have found some resources that talk about today’s wallpaper trends and what’s hot for 2015.


The latest trends in wallpaper and what to look for in 2014-2015 to create an on trend space.

Many of this season’s wallpaper designs are taking cues from past eras while adding new twists to create highly versatile and contemporary looks. Wallpapers with metallic sheens, floral and geometric prints, texture, and faux finishes are seen all over today and will help you create the trendy wallpaper appearance you desire for your home. The latest trends in wallpaper also feature wallpaper used in a number of unique applications such as on the ceiling or as accents on furniture to compliment full wall applications. Continue reading

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We have found photographic murals to be hugely popular. we expect this to only increase as more and more beautiful murals come onto the market.

Wallpaper is used worldwide to decorate interior walls (and sometimes furniture) in homes, shops, offices, and public spaces. The style, price, and appearance of different wallpapers will vary dramatically, and as a consequence different styles will be popular at different times.

Most shops will differentiate their wallpapers on ‘stripes’, ‘plain’, floral’, ‘polka’, ‘damask’, and ‘conversational’. Most distinctions will also be based on the base colour.

However, most modern wallpapers are not the classical ‘repeat design’. On the contrary, they are statement mural pieces. As a consequence, the hot trends for this coming 2015 season’s wallpaper design is around the following:

More and more modern homes are turning to realistic floral photo murals to inspire their living rooms, office spaces, and even bedrooms! Continue reading

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Top designer Scot Meacham Wood  made this design trend prediction for 2015 regarding wallpaper.

Wallpaper is still coming back strong – and I think the next year is going to provide even more options and expansions in the wallpaper market. Look for more bold patterns (and those aforementioned saturated colours) on walls (and ceilings and doors!) in the next year. This image from Steven Sclaroff is a perfect example – maybe not for everyone … but, an inventive and bold use of a classic botanical wallpaper applied to walls, doors, and casings!

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Some of the other design predictions for 2015 include glamour, bright colour, mixed metals, white and of course wallpaper

Wallpaper seems to come and go, but we are having a major love affair with it right now. It adds such dimension, warmth, and personality to a space— something you just can’t get from paint alone. From art-driven to knockout statement paper, these are our favorites. Not comfortable doing an entire room? Start with one wall or a jewel-box powder room.

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There really is something to suit all tastes when it comes to wallpaper. Because it is so versatile we think wallpaper is amazing and is here to stay.
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